We provide a comprehensive box making service for a broad range of photographers, artists and students. Portfolio boxes & presentation boxes, also known as clamshell or drop back boxes, provide a dust and light free environment for storage and display. Other storage and presentation alternatives include portfolios, folders, and document cases. We stock an inspiring array of covering cloths, papers and lining materials, and are happy to offer design advice or work to a brief as required.

Open box bound in black buckram and inside lined with drawings, containing two sets of prints
Customised presentation box: To hold two sets of prints.
Protective boxes: made for protecting books, these will often have a fourth broken side to hold the contents securely, the gap in the fourth side allowing the book to be removed easily. Boxes can be custom made to present anything from books to vinyl rarities to rock samples!
open presentation box with grey buckram covering and suedel lining
Presentation box: for the presentation of photographs. These boxes have 3 sides in the base to allow for the photographs to be slid across, this makes it possible to view the photographs without removing them from the box.
Light blue buckram covered box with sub-divided interior lined with white paper to accommodate a variety of objects and a book
Protective box with sub-divided sections for holding a variety of objects.
Card folder containing loose prints
Card folders: great for presenting small loose prints and are sometimes used inside boxes to provide different chapters of work.
Orange ring binder with debossed blocking and coloured lining
Portfolios: Portfolios are made using hidden brass screws to enable easy changing of the contents. The blue portfolio is a simple type using exposed brass screws. The red portfolio is a ring binder. These can be custom made to any size or depth.
Portfolio with exposed brass screws