Here you'll find some of the more unusual work that we produce, including artworks made entirely from bookbinding materials and discarded book debris, design bindings, work in vellum and secret book boxes ideal for storing small valuables. We are also happy to make props for film and theatre. Some of the images here relate to an art project by Stewart titled The Art of Lying. This project looked at the everyday lies people tell.

Eighteenth century novel bound in red leather with onlays of various other skins and paper collage resembling tiger fur
Bestiary bound in scarlet and grey morocco with various onlays including feathers, salmon, ray, lizard and snake skins (HR).
Sculpture of cake made of leather and board
The cake and platter represent the five most common things we lie about according to my research (SGH).
Black leather bound volume with white and red leather onlays in a maze pattern
A full morocco binding with sculpted boards and white and scarlet leather onlays (HR).
Picture made using scraps of leather, glue and cloth
Bookback sculpture. Made from debris discarded during the process of repairing old books (SGH).
Tiny bookcase containing tiny books in various styles of binding pictured next to a tin of sardines to indicate size
A work by Stewart titled Packaged Self. Each book/album represents a particular aspect of my personality (tin of sardines for scale) (SGH).
A closed leather bound book next to an open book showing hidden compartment containing jewellery
An original book adapted to hide small items.