These include artist's books, self-published books, family histories or special editions of longer print runs. Bindings range from simple cloth covered hardbacks in a range of colours and textures to contemporary constructions with exposed sewing; or classic leather-bound volumes. Within a limited edition it is also possible to have a few 'specials', for example, out of a run of 25 cloth bindings 3 or so could be bound in leather.

full leather bound volume with gold tooling
Japanese bindings in presentation boxes.
half leather binding with buckram bound slipcase
Metallic buckram binding with inset on front cover, presented in a slipcase.
Quarter bound book in morocco leather with hand marbled paper sides
Concertina binding.
closeup photo of silk headband
Limited edition artist's book in card wrap.
handmarbled paper samples
Leather half-binding in slipcase, and full buckram binding.
handmarbled paper samples
Limited edition artist's book bound in full cloth.