Whether repairing a family Bible, renovating a library collection or giving a battered but much-loved children's book a new lease of life, we try to preserve as much of the original binding as possible using sympathetic materials of the highest quality.

badly damaged bible with distressed leather and detached spine and pages
Before: a Victorian family Bible with detached pages and front cover and a damaged spine.
the bible after repair, with renovated leather binding and resewn pages and spine reattached
After: the spine and cover have been renovated and reattached, and detached pages resewn.
Damaged and frayed cloth binding with worn tooling and rotted, detached pages
A badly damaged cloth binding resewn and restored – now back in full use!
Irreparably damaged buckram covered book next to a facsimile with gold foil lettering and debossed illustration
Sometimes the original binding is damaged beyond repair; in these cases we can rebind and produce a facsimile of the original.